Tip-sy Thursday

I here by declare every Thursday to be a "tip" day - a Tip-sy Thursday. And to start off...

How to make pancakes!

The weekend is almost here and what does that mean?!
Pancakes for breakfast - uha!

But even though these are like the most simple things to make, they can still be a little tricky.
Here are a few little tips that will make your pancake-making a whole lot easier (and tastier!)

1. In separate bowls mix the wet ingredients and the dry ingredients.
2. Wisk wets into the drys - do not over mix it will make the batter too tough. And some lumps are good to make the cakes soft and fluffy.
3. Add oil to a preheated pan by using a paper towel (get the towel wet with oil - not butter - and rub it on the pan).
4. Use a measuring cup to pour batter, 1/3 to 1/2 cup, then spread it out with a spoon. If you're going to add a filling like sliced bananas or chocolate chips, add it to the top of the circle.
5. Flip only when bubbles burst.

Hope these tips help you out and inspire you to make delicious pancakes this weekend. This chilly weather is quite perfect for it don't you think?! Stack of 3, butter and syrup... hum, that's the way I like it!

How do YOU like you pancakes?!


ps: i'm really committed to being more faithful to this blog. Do you have any ideas, recipes or requests?! well, pull up a seat, grab a spoon and let me know!


  1. Anna, here's my request...Brazilian recipes. Thanks!

  2. Feijoada pra quem nao tem panela de pressao! :D